To ensure the best service MOM+mini has introduced some terms of use. It's there to give you excellent customer service.

While creating an account the customers are requested to provide real and accurate information on MOM+mini.

1. It's forbidden to take any contact information of any kind for your commercial benefit.

2. After registering on MOM+mini, The customer will receive a unique ‘User ID’. Please inform us immediately if you think anyone is

trying to gain access using your USER ID.

3. Every offer or deal comes with a specific set of terms. It's different for every offer or deal.

4. Vouchers or coupons will not be compensated with cash or refund if it is collected through other second or third-party sources.

5. A combination of vouchers is not permitted.

6. Any sort of voucher duplication, sale, or trade is strictly forbidden.

MOM+mini holds the sole right to determine if the contents that the customers have submitted are in accordance with our principles

and if it complies with our terms of service or not. We also hold the right to end your account, without any prior notice.